About Us

About Us


Gen Fitness was founded by Gena Laielli and her brother Vincent Rivera. Gena has always had a passion for health, fitness, and nutrition. She has a unique training style that keeps workouts fresh, quick, fun, and most importantly, effective so you will see results.

   She has always wanted to share her love for fitness while giving back to the community, as well appreciating our heroes for all they do.



Gena is the owner and operator of Gen Fitness. Her brother, Vincent, is a former army captain, army ranger, and Westpoint graduate. Their father is a retired Jersey City fire fighter involved in 9/11.

Gena is a health, fitness, and dietry expert  with 10  years  experience  in  training and  12  years of  nursing.  She is a  mother of  two  and  wife  to  a  fire  fighter.  


Gena appeared on Stone Cold Steve Austin’s fitness reality show Broken Skull Challenge in 2014.